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prisoner transportation services, prisoner transportCourt Services is a prisoner transportation services agency providing strategic prisoner transportation services( extradition) nationwide. Court Services (known in the industry as CSI) provides prisoner transportation for criminal justice agencies including State Departments of Correction, Sheriff’s Offices, Prosecutor’s Offices, Probation and Parole Agencies, Public Defenders, Police Departments and Juvenile Justice Agencies.

Court Services operates a nationwide prisoner transportation services air and ground system. From coast to coast, day and night, 24/7/365 we are there for you. Cost efficient, reliable, relationship focused prisoner transportation services. Insured and fully compliant with Jeanna's Act. We specialize in strategic prisoner transportation. We operate a nationwide ground prisoner transportation system as well as flight operations. From our office and locations we can provide prisoner transportation services in short notice to every part of the United States. Our average time from location to prisoner holding agency location is 7 days.

Our  Headquarters Operations Office is located in Manteca, California and it houses the Administrative Services Unit . Special Operations Group is also located in Northern California and provides comprehensive, nationwide prisoner transportation support. Prisoner transportation services are handled from our California offices as well as through our regional teams located throughout the United States. The Court Services prisoner transportation services operational area includes all 50 states and U.S. Territories. We have complete nationwide coverage with professional prisoner transportation agents to meet your needs.

The Agents we hire handle their prisoner transportation assignments with care and dignity. Why? Because they are professionals. And you demand professional prisoner transportation service. Our prisoner transportation services mission is to serve you as diligently as you serve the public. We are proud of the prisoner transportation service we provide, our diligence and commitment to excellence,  and the lasting relationships we form with our customers.

For Immediate Service Call 1- 209-683-4 CSI (4274)
Court Services : Bail Enforcement & Prisoner Transportation Services Since 1996
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For Service Call: 1-209-683- 4 CSI (4274)

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